Would you like to be a parent governor?

There are 2 vacancies for Parent Governors on the Governing Body. One position has been vacant for the past 2 years, the other is occupied by Mr Hallows whose period of office ends this month. Mr Hallows has expressed his interest in standing again in the election we will be holding this month.  As we are an expanding school, with more families we hope that a number of parents and carers will want to take an active part in the leadership and management of the school by becoming a parent governor.

If you would like to stand for election please complete the nomination form which you can find below and return it to the school no later than Wednesday 28 November. Nominations must be from parents or carers with children at the school on the day that nominations close. You may also include a short personal statement to support your nomination, which should be no longer than 250 words. Self-nominations will be accepted but if you are nominating another parent, please seek their prior consent. If you are interested you are welcome to come into school and talk about the role with the Head Teacher or Chair of Governors, Mr Sean Gardner.

Please find more details in the links below.

Parent Governor Nomination Form

Parent Governor Election Letter


Eaton School’s teamwork extends to the school’s Governing Body.

The Governing Body

• Offers an excellent blend of parental experience and specialist knowledge.

• Are very supportive of the school’s approach and efforts.

• Are closely involved with the development of all school policies.

• Are involved in strategic planning and the financial management of the school.

• Are involved in monitoring pupil's progress as well as understanding whole school data.

They meet once a term as a full governing body. Parents are always welcome to come along and see for themselves the commitment and effort our Governors devote to the benefit of the children here at Eaton.

Our Governors discharge their responsibilities diligently, acting together to ensure that Eaton Primary School meets its legal requirements in a manner consistent with our Guiding Principles. Our Governors are always willing to listen to and engage with all members of the school and local community.


Structure of the governing body 2017-2018

The Full Governing Board meets once every term and there are also four different Committees: Leadership, Management and Governance, Teaching and Learning, Finance and Building Maintenance who meet once a term. 


Jan Freeman. Co-opted. Chair of the Leadership, Management and Governance Committee.

Henri Grice. LA. Chair of the Teaching and Learning Committee.


Vice Chair

Paul Healey. Co-opted. Chair of the Finance Committee.


Head Teacher

Nikki Duffell. Member of all Committees. 


Andy Hallows. Parent. Chair of the Building Maintenance Committee. 

Julie O'Shea. Co-opted.

Claire Fox. Co-opted.

Sean Gardner. Co-opted.

Sarah Clarke. Parent.

Elizabeth Quin d'Carroll. Co-opted.

Charlotte Bird. Staff. Deputising for Rachel Cobden who is currently on maternity leave.


Henri Grice- Co-Chair of the Governing Body

LA Governor

I have been a local authority governor at Eaton for 5 years. Currently I am the co-chair of governors and chair of the teaching and learning committee. I have a link role to science and design and technology.

The reason I wanted to be a governor was because I am passionate about education. I wanted to be a critical friend to the school and help them maintain their outstanding OFSTED.

My background is mainly in science having worked as a research scientist after university and then in chemical sales. Next I completed my post graduate certificate in Education and taught chemistry in a number of schools including locally at Tarporley High and Sandbach Girls.

I run my own education consultancy business and a wellbeing and sports therapy business.

I am a member of Weaver Valley cycling club and also enjoy running.

Curriculum Link Governor Science and design and technology, meet termly.

Current term of office 21st March 2017 – 20th March 2021

Disclosure of conflict/pecuniary interest – Completed.


Jan Freeman Co-Chair of the Governing Board

Co-opted Governor

A governor since 2006 I am currently Co Chair, and, Chair of the Leadership, Management and Governance committee.  I also attend the Teaching and Learning, Finance and Building Maintenance committees. These committees meet termly.  My subject link role is with History and Geography and I meet termly with the curriculum leaders of these subjects.

Having spent my working life as a teacher I became a governor because I wanted to continue to maintain contact with children in a learning environment. My years of experience teaching in high schools in Cheshire, Yorkshire, Birmingham, New York and Hong Kong have given me a broad understanding of education and I wanted to be able to use this knowledge for the benefit of the present generation of school children. My areas of expertise lie in sport, geography, personal and social education and counselling. I also have qualifications in T.E.F.L. (teaching English as a foreign language.) My final teaching post was as Deputy Principal at a British International School in Hong Kong.

Outside school I was a Samaritan volunteer, a charity worker for Oxfam and a marriage and personal counsellor for an organisation akin to the U.K.’s Relate counselling service.

Since returning to U.K. in 2001 I have lived in Eaton with my husband John where we are both active in the life of the community.

Current term of office 6th May 2015 – 5th May 2019

Disclosure of conflict/pecuniary interest – completed.


Paul Healey-Vice Chair

Co-opted Governor

"I was appointed as a community governor in 2011 (guessing a bit here...).   Living in Eaton, I have been a Mathematics teacher (though mainly retired now) for 37 years.  As well as a knowledge of education gained as a practitioner and manager during my career, I have also gained a valuable insight from my role as the county district secretary of one of the major teaching unions.  An ability to add up qualifies me to be chair of the Finance sub committee!"

Curriculum Link Governor Mathematics, meet half termly.

Current term of office 6th May 2015 – 5th May 2019

Chair of The Finance Committee. Meeting Attendance 2015-2016 1/1

Member of Teaching & Learning Committee. Meeting Attendance 2015-2016 1/1

Member of Good Governance Committee. Meeting Attendance 2015-2016 1/1

Full Governors Meeting 2015-2016 Attendance 1/1

Disclosure of conflict/pecuniary interest – Completed.


Julie O’Shea

Co-opted Governor

I became a community governor at Eaton in 2010. I stepped down as the Chair of Governor in September 2017 after 4 years in the role, prior to that having been Vice Chair for two and a half year. I sit on all of the committees.

I am married with three children, the younger two currently at Tarporley High School. Until July 2017 I was also a Parish Councillor, I feel this has had huge benefits for the school and the community with projects like the youth club and the play and games area. This project is one I have been involved in and is an excellent example of a jointly beneficial venture.

My background is design based having studied fashioned degree level; I worked in the clothing industry designing garments for many high street retailers. I have vast experience of working with retailers and manufacturers worldwide and both UK and offshore production. Currently I work for Edsential as a clerk to Governors.

I became a governor because I firmly believe every child deserves the best possible outcome, to be the best they can be, and reach their full potential.

Disclosure of conflict/pecuniary interest – completed


Elizabeth Quin d'Carroll

Co-opted Governor

I was honoured to become a co-opted Governor at Eaton Primary School in early 2018, a School which thanks to the hard work of all the staff, pupils and Governors is an outstanding School.

As a parent of two children at Eaton, I am passionate about the quality of their education, the environment in which they learn, and the enrichment of their Primary School experience, as I strongly believe it forms the foundation of their academic experience. It was for this reason that I joined the Eaton Primary School PTA and ultimately became Co-Chair for two years. Having now passed on the PTA “baton” I see the role of Governor as an opportunity to once again become involved in the School and its development.

I have a degree in Law and Business (BA) and am a qualified Solicitor with a focus on commercial practice , employment and litigation.

I see my position as Governor as an opportunity to support the School in its drive for the highest standards of education, continued development and growth, and assist in maintaining its outstanding OFSTED rating. It is also a fantastic opportunity to have an active involvement in my children’s education.

Member of Finance Committee

Member of Building and Maintenance Committee

Curriculum Link Governor Music and MFL, meeting termly.


Sean Gardner

Co-opted Governor

I have been involved in education for the last 6 years having founded the UKs leading online teaching business, Tute has supported hundreds of thousands of pupils in both primary, secondary and non mainstream settings and last year won the prestigious BETT Award for Teaching and Learning, whole school aids.

The reason I want to be a governor is because I believe that technology can improve learning outcomes, and I want to ensure that students are well prepared for a world where digital literacy is as important as numeracy and literacy.

My background is mainly in business. I was part of the founding team at Orange and since have started three other companies in the telecoms, funeral and finance sectors. In addition, I am Chairman of a charity called Trauma Response Network which launches in the Spring of 2018 to help support people affected by mass trauma both in the UK and internationally.

I’m married to Helen and have two daughters, the eldest of whom now works with me at Tute and in the charity.

Disclosure of conflict/pecuniary interest – Completed.


Claire Fox

Co-opted Governor

I became a  school governor in the summer term of 2017. I live in Eaton directly opposite the school  and can hear  lots of fun things going on from my garden in the summer  months and wanted to get involved !

I have 2 grown up children who both went to playgroup and  school in Tarporley. During their younger days I was on the committee of the Done room Playgroup and actively involved in planning events and fund raising.

I currently work for the mental health charity Mind at a small drop in centre in Winsford where I work with an interesting and diverse group of people. Prior to this  I spent many years working  in learning disability services for Cheshire East Council and Cheshire County Council. Although I have worked mainly with adults I feel that the knowledge and skills I have learnt over the years are transferrable and I am passionate about social inclusion, celebrating people's differences and challenging prejudices and discrimination.

Curriculum links:  PHSE and RE

Current term of office:- July 2017-July 2021

Disclosure of conflict/pecuniary interest- Completed

Member of Leadership and Management sub committee


Sarah Clarke

Parent Governor

I joined the governing body in December 2017 as a parent governor, having previously spent six years as a governor at a small rural primary school in Yorkshire. I have three children and my youngest is in Year 5.

My background is in education and special educational needs. I have been a secondary school English teacher and also a Speech and Language Therapist and have worked for several health authorities in the North of England. I also worked for the Early Years Advisory Service while in Yorkshire, supporting 0-3 year olds with complex additional needs. I am currently applying to retrain as a social worker.

I am a member of the Leadership, Management and Governance Committee and the Teaching and Learning Committee.

I hope in my role as a parent governor, I can help the school to continue to provide all our children with an outstanding education in an inclusive environment, where all pupils can thrive and achieve their best.

Curriculum Link Governor for English, SEND and EYFS, meeting termly


Andy Hallows

Parent Governor

I became a Parent Governor in October 2014 and I am currently the Chair of the newly formed Building & Maintenance committee as well as being a member of the Leadership & Management committee and Curriculum link Governor for ICT and PE.

I have had an active roll in the build committee from start to finish and always try to help with School open days and PTA events.

I moved to Tarporley over 5 years ago, originally coming from Manchester. I am Married to Jacinta who is actively involved with the PTA at Eaton and we have two children at Eaton Primary School, Kobe and Ryder.

My career path is Welding, and I am currently the Director of Operations / Company Secretary of a large German based company, where I have worked for 30 years, which has given myself the opportunity to travel to countries like China and India.

Outside of School is taken up with my children, my grandchildren and Manchester United. I am also a football coach at Bunbury Junior FC looking after years two, one and reception.

Curriculum Link Governor ICT and PE, meet termly.

Current term of office 7th Oct 2014 – 6th Oct 2018

Chair of Building and Maintenance Committee

Member of Leadership & Management Committee.

Disclosure of conflict/pecuniary interest – Completed.


Nikki Duffell

Staff Governor and Head Teacher

I was appointed as  Head Teacher in 2017.  I have previously been a staff Governor and enjoy many roles within Eaton Primary School. As previous Deputy Head teacher I support the Head teacher in all aspects of school management and day to day life. I have taught all year groups across the school, primarily in the Foundation Stage Class. Every day is as exciting as the next and different from the day before. Eaton is an amazing place. My own children were fortunate to attend the school and I thrive on being a part of its community and all it offers for our children and families.

Current term of office 22nd October 2014 – 21 October 2018

Member of the Leadership & Management Committee. Meeting Attendance 2015-2016 1/1

Member of the Finance Committee. Meeting Attendance 2015-2016 1/1

Member of Teaching & Learning Committee. Meeting Attendance 2015-2016 1/1

Full Governors Meeting 2015-2016 Attendance 1/1

Disclosure of conflict/pecuniary interest – Completed


Rachel Cobden

Co-Opted Staff Governor and Deputy Head Teacher

I am the Deputy Head Teacher at Eaton Primary School and have taught the Year 3&4 and the Year 5&6 classes. I decided to take on the role as a Staff Governor as I believe it is important to represent staff at the Governor Meetings, offer advice and information to the Governors from the view point of a teacher, provide feedback to the staff and raise any questions or concerns they may have. As a teacher at the school I am able to see the valuable work that the Governors do, and am proud to be member of the Governing Body.  

Current term of office 6th May 2015 – 5th May 2019

Member of Teaching & Learning Committee. Meeting Attendance 2015-2016 1/1

Full Governors Meeting 2015-2016 Attendance 1/1

Disclosure of conflict/pecuniary interest – Completed


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