Parent and Carers

Partnership with Parents

At Eaton Primary School, we encourage parents to become involved in the school, as we believe that a collaborative partnership is essential in ensuring the best outcome for our children.

Part of this process is regular communication with parents, through weekly newsletters, termly review and information on our school website. Further information can be obtained through the learning platform

Home/school journals are used and parental meetings take place twice a year.

Eaton Parent Teachers Association is very active working with staff and pupils to arrange social and fund-raising events. Money raised is used to provide equipment and to subsidise school trips. Whilst the PTA’s main emphasis is to raise money, the PTA also provides an excellent way for parents to get to know each other and this in turn strengthens our support network within the school.

A number of other events throughout the year such as arts week, class assemblies, sports day, and musical productions provide opportunities for parents, friends and the community to come into school.

Some parents also volunteer to come into school to provide assistance and support, which is greatly appreciated. Parents volunteering will be asked to sign a volunteer/school protocol document. This merely underlines the slight change of relationship between school and parents if you are supporting us in the education of children other than your own.

Another role parents may consider is to become a school governor and become closely involved with the development of school policies, strategic planning and the financial management of the school.