School Life

Morning Session 8.55am-12.30 pm

Afternoon Session 1.30pm-3.15pm


All pupils have a morning break and Key Stage 1 children have an afternoon break of fifteen minutes.

Pupils are asked to arrive at school between 8.40 am and 8.55 am. A member of staff is on duty for 20 minutes before school. We are not legally responsible for your children until 8.40am. All pupils are registered in the morning and afternoon.

Please make sure your child arrives at school on time. It is very important that good habits are formed early. Being punctual is very important and helps the day get off to a good start. If someone else is to pick up your child please let the class teacher know. Do please try to be punctual, as children can get very upset if they feel left behind.

The children can be ‘dropped off’ by car in the area marked “DROP OFF ONLY” from where they can walk directly on to the school playground. There should be no parked cars in this area. Parents and children should leave and enter the school via the pedestrian pathway at all times and not across the car park and turning circle.



At Eaton, the children attend whole school assemblies on four days and a Celebration assembly on the fifth day. The assemblies cover PSHE, British Values, world religions, collective singing and school events.



If your child is absent through sickness or any unavoidable cause, you need to inform the school by telephone in the first instance. As this constitutes an authorised absence a letter is required if your child is absent for longer than one day.

The school has discretionary power to grant leave of absence for a family holiday or visit overseas but you should not, however, expect such leave to be granted as of right.


Permission will not be given if:

  • It is applied for after the visit or holiday has taken place.
  • It is felt that it would be detrimental to your child's educational progress
  • It coincides with the period of Standard Assessment Tests (SATS)
  • More than ten school days leave is requested in any school year


By Law the school must collect and report details of absences as attendance is a performance indicator. Further information is available from the school.


School Uniform

What a child wears to school reflects his/her attitude to learning, It portrays the school's ethos and shared positive values. We have a very simple uniform that the pupils are encouraged to wear. This is a red sweatshirt or red fleece, a white shirt and grey or black trousers or skirt. In the summer children can wear red and white checked dresses or shorts. Jewellery, with the exception of stud earrings, is not allowed.

Below is the link to Tesco Uniform Embroidery Service where the uniforms can be ordered: 


PE Kit

  • Games activities require a Red Eaton logo T shirt and plain black shorts with mainly black or mainly white trainers/plimsolls.
  • The Red Eaton school logo hoodie with plain black leggings or jog pants should be worn for games during the winter months.
  • All clothing should be clearly labelled.
  • Jewellery, with the exception of stud earrings, is not allowed.
  • Any child with long hair should have it tied back with a bobble.