Extra Curricular Activities

The school offers a range of extra curricular activities both during and after school.

  • Sport
  • Music
  • Conservation
  • Art
  • Drama and dance

Our music clubs are run by members of the school staff in association with other professionals. ‘Music for life’ is the leading organisation for music tuition in Cheshire. Many of our children take up the opportunity to have lessons on individual instruments.

Wider Opportunities is offered to KS2 children enabling them to learn an instrument. This is offered over the full school year.

Clubs are reviewed regularly to ensure that the needs of current pupils are met.



An essential part of our pupils' learning are the day and residential visits we offer. We currently offer residential visits in all year groups with the exception of Foundation Stage- where we encourage the use of extended day visits. Eaton Primary School is committed to offering this rich source of learning. However there are times when the cost cannot be borne solely by the school and voluntary contributions will be required to ensure that the activity takes place.