School Council

The School Council is an important part of Eaton Primary School. At the start of the academic year, a child from each year group is elected by their class. The School Council has regular meetings to discuss issues raised by fellow pupils and to organise activities or events for the school. The minutes from these meetings are then shared with the Head Teacher and Teaching Staff so that we can work together to improve our school.


Our School Council have created a new school prayer:


Help us be a friend who cares

Help us be a friend who shares

Help us try hard everyday

And be kind and helpful in every way



Our School Council have been discussing how to stop children running down the path and how to make the Muga a more enjoyable place to play.

School Council Minutes 10.11.17.docx


Our School Council have had a meeting with our chef to discuss the new lunch menu.

School Council Meeting with our chef June 2017.docx



Our School Council have chosen the winners for the crest designs for our new house teams. These will be announced soon! 

School Council Minutes 8.6.17.docx



Our School Council have been discussing snack options, play time games and have requested that each class suggests some new books that we can order.

School Council Minutes 2.5.17.docx



Our School Council have voted on our new Golden Rules. Each class presented the School Council with some new rules which they felt were important for our school or adapted the existing Golden Rules. 

They are:

  • Always be honest by telling the truth
  • Always respect others by being kindpolite and fair
  • Always try your best in all you do
  • Always listen to others
  • Always look after property by being careful and tidy




Attached below are the minutes from the latest School Council meeting.

The children have decided on the new house name and the new Golden Rules have been short listed.

School Council Minutes 3.2.17.docx


Attached below are the minutes from the latest School Council meeting.

The children in the school will be asked to suggest new Golden Rules and teachers will be asked to source more activities for wet play.

School Council Minutes 12.1.17.doc



Attached below are the minutes from the latest School Council meeting.

New team names were discussed and suggestions will be gathered from children in the school. The School Council will then decide on the new team names.

 Click here to see the minutes from the meeting.



Attached below are the minutes from the latest School Council meeting. This was the first meeting of the year for our new councillors.


Click here to see minutes from the meeting.



The children who wish to run for our School Council are currently putting together their presentations for their class to decide if they wish to vote for them. Our Year 6 class and our Year 3&4 class have been working in groups to design political parties and have been writing the policies, creating campaign posters and badges to win the votes.



The School Council has decided that we should adopt an animal from Chester Zoo! The whole school will get to vote on which animal they think that we should sponsor. The School Council stood up in assembly to explain how we would adopt the animal.

Click here to see the minutes from their meeting.



The School Council met with Mr Mitchell to raise any suggestions from other children and to discuss the actions from the previous meeting.

Click here to see the minutes from their meeting.



The School Council had their first meeting of the term and discussed points raised at the previous meeting and suggestions from the suggestion box.

Click here to see the minutes from their meeting



Our School Council have decided to organise a fund raising event for the Go Orange for Orangutan Appeal with Chester Zoo. They are working with our Eco Club to organise the event. The children will be invited to come into school wearing something orange and to donate £1 to the charity.



The School Council have had their second meeting this year. Click here for the minutes of the meeting.



Our two new Junior Safety Officers are Daisy and Edward. As part of their role, they have presented an assembly explaining about the introductory ceremony that they attended and the things that they will be doing as Junior Safety Officers. They have also created a display in our hall with road safety posters and upcoming competitions.



The School Council have organised a competition to design the new school tie. Creative entries were received from almost half the school, using the school colours red and gold and the school logo, the Eaton Horn. They were colourful and bright, ranging from stripes to spots and even one with glitter!

The School Council led the voting with the support of Head teacher Mr Mitchell and School Council Staff Leader Miss Parker. From an amazing array of entries, three very different designs made the short list and all pupils and staff had their vote. On the last day of the half term, Friday 13th February 2015, the votes were counted and the winner announced in the whole school Celebration Assembly.

The winner is Jack Booth, Year 5, and when his design was announced it was met with a cheer from children across the school hall. Close runners up were Hinata Greenland, Year 6 and Sophia Harvey, year. Jack’s  winning design will now be used to create a bespoke school tie to enhance the developing uniform at our ‘Outstanding’ school.