Year 1

Year 1


Our Curriculum


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Seasonal changes

Animals including humans

Everyday materials



Fairy tale Collage


Van Gogh - Starry Night sculptures


Create/debug simple programs

Internet Safety

Retrieving digital content & using technology to create

Design Technology


Animal masks


Geography & History

Where can penguin go and who can he visit?

Lives of significant people - Mary Anning

Changes within living memory - Man on the moon


Hey You!

Rhythm in the way we Walk

In the Groove

Round and Round

Your Imagination

Reflect, Rewind and Replay

Physical Education

Gymnastics Unit 1

Gymnastics Unit 2

Dance Unit 1

Dance Unit 2

Attack Defend Shoot Unit 1

Attack Defend Shoot Unit 2

Send & Return Unit 1

Send & Return Unit 2

Run Throw Jump Unit 1

Run Throw Jump Unit 2

Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education

It's Our World!


Living Long, Living Strong

Daring to be Different

Dear Diary

Joining in and Joining up

Religious Education 

What does it mean to belong?

Why is Christmas celebrated by Christians?

What do we think about how the world was made and how should we look after it?

What is respect?

How and why are are Allah and Muhammad (pbuh) important to Muslims?

How to Muslims express new beginnings?

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