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A visionary team to support a visionary school


The new Governance team at Eaton Primary includes national EdTech leaders as well as individuals with a strong background in safeguarding and change management.


We have deliberately set out to create a governing body which can help support the development of 21st Century teaching and learning whilst ensuring a safe and responsive environment in which our children can thrive.

The structure from April 2019 will mean that there are fewer committees and a greater focus on parental feedback and outcome data. To support this ambition we will be moving our entire governance process online and creating new ways for parents to engage with us more regularly. This will include us sharing news on the Digital Transformation case study we are running with the DfE and updates from our strategic delivery partners Discovery Education, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard.


We will ensure that our Governing Board is made up from parents, local people with skills in safeguarding and diversity together with leaders who understanding how outstanding schools are managed, and how technology can help improve pupil attainment.

Structure of the governing body 2018-2019

The Full Governing Board meets once every term and there are also four different Committees: Leadership, Management and Governance, Teaching and Learning, Finance and Building Maintenance who meet once a term. 


Chair of Governors

Sean Gardner. Co-opted governor.


Vice Chair

Clare Baghurst. Parent governor.

Head Teacher

Andrew Davies. Member of all Committees. 



Claire Fox. Co-opted.

Henri Grice. Co-opted.

Andy Hallows. Parent. Chair of the Building Maintenance Committee. 

Paul Healey. Co-opted.

Marilyn Mornington. Co-opted.

Hannah Handley. Staff. 

Jan Freeman. Associate governor.


Sean Gardner – Chair of Governors

Co-opted Governor

Sean Gardner is the founder of Gluu, a business which identifies pockets of outstanding EdTech practice in schools which are not shared with others – solutions which could both reduce teacher workload and improve pupil outcomes. Often, these solutions have been in place for an extended period, and are evidenced. The gap is that the education sector lacks a mechanism by which school-led innovation can be identified, nurtured and scaled.

Gluu aims to address this by taking 'start up' businesses within schools and expanding them to 'scale ups' in partnership with internaional education brands such as Microsoft, Britannica and Hewlett Packard and the UK's leading EdTech school, Shireland Collegiate Academy. In so doing Gluu makes the best digital teaching innovations available to schools both in the UK and internationally.

Sean is highly experienced in early stage businesses in a variety of high growth consumer verticals, Sean has won 27 marketing and industry awards, including a BETT Award for Teaching and Learning in 2017. He is particularly skilled in developing online businesses and his most recent experience prior to Gluu was as the Founder and CEO of Tute.com, an international online teaching company.

He is a Fellow of the RSA, a Trustee and Director for Abbey Gate College, plus the founder and Trustee of Trauma Response Network, a national charity supporting victims of mass trauma. He is a Non-Exec Advisor to Monva, an early stage next generation finance comparison site.


Clare Baghurst – Vice Chair

Parent Governor

I joined the Eaton governing body as a parent governor in December 2018 to learn more about the lovely school my two children attend and become actively involved in decisions around its future success and development.

After only a few months in the role I am learning quickly and feel privileged to be a part of such a dedicated, hard working team of staff and volunteers.  

My background is in administration and project coordination and my husband and I currently run our own business.  I hope that my skills and experience will allow me to support and challenge the decisions being taken, in the very best interests of all the children who come to Eaton so they can flourish in a happy, inclusive environment.

Claire Fox

Co-opted Governor

I became a  school governor in the summer term of 2017. I live in Eaton directly opposite the school  and can hear  lots of fun things going on from my garden in the summer  months and wanted to get involved!

I have 2 grown up children who both went to playgroup and  school in Tarporley. During their younger days I was on the committee of the Done room Playgroup and actively involved in planning events and fund raising.

I currently work for the mental health charity Mind at a small drop in centre in Winsford where I work with an interesting and diverse group of people. Prior to this  I spent many years working  in learning disability services for Cheshire East Council and Cheshire County Council. Although I have worked mainly with adults I feel that the knowledge and skills I have learnt over the years are transferrable and I am passionate about social inclusion, celebrating people's differences and challenging prejudices and discrimination.

Henri Grice

LA Governor

I have been a local authority governor at Eaton since 2013. The reason I wanted to be a governor is because I am passionate about education. I want to be a critical friend to the school. My area of responsibility for the academic year 2019/20 is KS2. 

My background is mainly in science having worked as a research scientist after university and then in chemical sales. Next I completed my post graduate certificate in education and taught chemistry in a number of schools including locally at Tarporley High and Sandbach Girls. From 2001 to 2016 I worked in the advisory service for CWAC and then for it's traded service Edsential.

I now run my own education consultancy business and a wellbeing and sports therapy business. I am a member of Weaver Valley cycling club and also enjoy running.

Andy Hallows

Parent Governor

I became a Parent Governor in October 2014 and I am currently the Chair of the newly formed Building & Maintenance committee as well as being a member of the Leadership & Management committee and Curriculum link Governor for ICT and PE.

I have had an active roll in the build committee from start to finish and always try to help with School open days and PTA events.

I moved to Tarporley over 5 years ago, originally coming from Manchester. I am Married to Jacinta who is actively involved with the PTA at Eaton and we have two children at Eaton Primary School, Kobe and Ryder.

My career path is Welding, and I am currently the Director of Operations / Company Secretary of a large German based company, where I have worked for 30 years, which has given myself the opportunity to travel to countries like China and India.

Outside of School is taken up with my children, my grandchildren and Manchester United. I am also a football coach at Bunbury Junior FC looking after years two, one and reception.

Paul Healey

Co-opted Governor

was appointed as a community governor in 2011 (guessing a bit here...).   Living in Eaton, I have been a secondary/tertiary Mathematics teacher (though mainly retired now) for 41 years.  Currently I am assistant principal examiner for one of the A level specifications; I am also lead marker for the GCSE Maths National Reference Test and volunteer in various roles for the UK Mathematics Trust, helping run competitions and mentoring students.  As well as a knowledge of education gained as a practitioner and manager during my career, I also gained a valuable insight from my role as the county district secretary of one of the major teaching unions.  An ability to add up qualifies me to be chair of the Finance sub committee!

Marilyn Mornington



District Judge Marilyn Mornington FRSA, FWAAS has been a Family and Civil Judge for 25 years. She has a lifetime interest in developing the response to the abuse of women, children and the vulnerable. She has led numerous national and International bodies, She is due to retire later in 2019 and plans to spend her time caring for her 2 small grandchildren and having the chance to get more involved in the local community. Her hobbies are ballroom and Latin dancing, walking her 2 terriers and the theatre. She is also a lifelong Evertonian !

Hannah Handley

Staff Governor

I am currently the Year 2 teacher at Eaton Primary School and I have also taught Year 3 and Year 4 classes. I decided to take on the role as a Staff Governor as I believe it is important to represent staff at the Governor Meetings, offer advice and information to the Governors from the view point of a teacher, provide feedback to the staff and raise any questions or concerns they may have. As a teacher at the school I am able to see the valuable work that the Governors do, and am proud to be member of the Governing Body.  

I was appointed as a teacher in September 2015 at Eaton Primary school and I have also taught at three different primary schools in France and taught both children and adults in Spain. I am originally from Yorkshire but I moved to Chester to study French and Spanish at University before completing my PGCE to become a teacher. I decided to become a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of many children and encourage children to reach their potential.

Jan Freeman

Associate Governor

A governor from 2006 to 2018, I am now an Associate Member which means I do not have voting rights at Governing Body meetings.  My current area of responsibility is for Literacy.

Having spent my working life as a teacher I became a governor because I wanted to continue to maintain contact with children in a learning environment. My years of experience teaching in high schools in Cheshire, Yorkshire, Birmingham, New York and Hong Kong have given me a broad understanding of education and I wanted to be able to use this knowledge for the benefit of the present generation of school children. My areas of expertise lie in sport, geography, personal and social education and counselling. I also have qualifications in T.E.F.L. (teaching English as a foreign language.) My final teaching post was as Deputy Principal at a British International School in Hong Kong.

Outside school I was a Samaritan volunteer, a charity worker for Oxfam and a marriage and personal counsellor for an organisation akin to the U.K.’s Relate counselling service.

Since returning to U.K. in 2001 I have lived in Eaton with my husband John where we are both active in the life of the community.

Seb Kramer

I was appointed and joined the Eaton governing body as a parent governor in July 2019.  My son and daughter both attend the school.


My background is in law, compliance, regulation and litigation.  I'm pleased to have joined a dedicated governing body committed to continually improving outcomes for children.  I will be particularly focussed on helping the body demonstrate its understanding of - and compliance with - its statutory duties.  

Lucinda France-Hayhurst

Lucinda France-Hayhurst is a barrister on the Northern circuit. Her day-to-day work involves active scrutiny of local authority care planning for both children and vulnerable adults. She is also experienced in family and court of protection matters with a financial complexion. The nature of the work she undertakes demands a broad awareness of local authority practices and procedures, particularly with regard to safeguarding.


With two small boys (3 and 5) who we anticipate will see their way through a primary education at Eaton, Lucinda is committed to helping the school perform to its highest potential and to ensuring that regulatory and statutory compliance is maintained in the management of the school.

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