Year 2

Year 2

Our Curriculum

Please find our long term plan here.

You can find more information about our curriculum by clicking on each topic below to open our knowledge organisers. .


Animals including humans

Living things and their habitats

Uses of everyday materials




Study of Joan Miro


Banksy - graffiti art


End of year expectations

Design Technology

Fat Balls

Functional Machines

Moving Toys

Geography & History

What is important to remember in the UK?

What is special about Beeston Castle?


Hands, Feet, Heart

I Wanna Play In A Band


The Friendship Song

Reflect, Rewind, Replay

Physical Education


Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education

It's Our World

Say No!

Money Matters

Who Likes Chocolate?

People Around Us

Growing Up

Religious Education 

What do Jews believe about God?

How do Jews show faith through practises and celebrations?

Why is the Bible a special book for Christians?

Who was Jesus and why is he important to Christians today?

Why did Jesus teach people through stories?

Life Stages

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Year 2 Unit 1 -HCR.jpg
Year 2 Unit 2 -SR.jpg
Year 2 Unit 2 -RJT.jpg
Year 2 Unit 2 -HCR.jpg
Year 2 Unit 1 -SR.jpg
Year 2 Unit 2 -ADS.jpg
Year 2 Unit 1 -RJT.jpg
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